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Software Development

Software Development

ChordWizard Software Pty Ltd
PO Box 352, Mayfield NSW 2304
ph (02) 4960 9520
fax (02) 4960 9580

ChordWizard Software offers a wide range of software design and development services, drawing on more than two decades of experience in building software for customers and clients around the world.

Core competencies include most standard technologies, languages and platforms, and also the delivery of professional documentation and training. Refer to the list at left for specific development focus areas.

If you know exactly what you want, a detailed quote can be prepared on all jobs. Or assistance provided to help you work through the issues and possibilities.

Enterprise Systems

Improve the performance and capacity of your organisation.

Huge improvements in efficiency and accuracy can be achieved with custom software to link existing systems or help manage whole areas of your operations.

It does not have to be difficult or expensive to create systems that reduce your costs and put you in better control of your business.

Options range from simple automation of routine tasks with standard office software to the construction of a complete multi-tier enterprise management system.

New systems can be built from scratch, or existing systems can be given a new lease of life through salvage, extensions or troubleshooting. Documentation, user guides, and staff training can also be prepared and delivered, to safeguard your investmentment in technology.

A little time is all it takes to explore the outstanding results you can enjoy when all your business systems are fitting together and working well.

Web Systems

Make your web site a workhorse, not just a show pony.

The internet gives you cheap access to a vast global market as well as your local customers and the public. Many organisations have a web site which is little more than a brochure, and yet so much more is possible.

Consider the possibilities of online order placement and credit card billing, interactive searchable product catalogs, web-based customer support, notification services, and building client communities.

The web is increasingly becoming the platform of choice even for management systems not targeted at the public, due to the benefits of global connectivity and the ease of maintenance of a single server installation.

An interactive web site gives customers extra value and convenience, while cutting your costs and reducing administration. Don't let yours just sit idle when there's important work to be done!

Product Development

Industrial strength software, produced on time and within budget.

When your business depends on the quality and reliability of your software products, you can't afford to make any mistakes.

You need expertise that covers the entire software development lifecycle, from functional specification and architecture through to visual design, implementation and testing.

With the experience of building our own award-winning range of music software products, we can ensure that you get the outcomes you are expecting, when you need them.

With close attention paid to structural design and elegant, consistent coding style, you will take possession of an enduring software asset that is reliable and flexible, easy to maintain, and ready for the next cycle of development.

Make sure that your investment in software yields products that hit the target, every time.


Stephen Clarke

Software Architect/Engineer

Stephen Clarke is the principal of ChordWizard Software, founding the company in 1997 to operate his software and music businesses.

Striking his first commercial licensing deals while still at high school, Stephen has over 25 years experience in developing software solutions for a wide range of purposes and platforms.

Clients include government departments and a wide range of large and small business. Stephen has also taught Information Technology at university and TAFE levels, and prepared and conducted a variety of software training courses.


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